Sunday, June 1, 2008

Graduation Cards

May was a pretty hectic month. I was out of town almost every weekend and worked long hours during the week. My mother had surgery on her leg again; this time they had to remove her artificial knee. They replaced it with a ceramic holder filled with antibiotics. In September, if the infection is completely gone, they'll put a new knee in. (Sounds worse than it is, she assures me!)

Fallon has not returned yet and KC was driving me crazy! She would be good for Noel all day but once I came home, she would pick up all kinds of things (mostly stamping stuff) to get my attention. I couldn't get anything done at home! Last week, we adopted a 4 month old black lab. I'll try to upload a picture of the two of them. Molly is a mini-KC who minds better! KC is doing much better with Molly here and doesn't bug me quite so much. I even took them with me to my mom's house for the weekend (Mom was released from the hospital on Saturday.) Both dogs did very well and behaved themselves. A bonus: Molly has not gone to the bathroom in the house once! I guess she follows KC outside and goes there. No potty training!

I finally figured out how to scan in pictures on our new computer. These turn out much better than when I take pictures and upload them! I made these cards for the graduating students at church. I love the background which is "Sanded". I used a discontinued graduation set for the "congratulations" and the dipoloma.

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Tiya-B said...

I like the background, is it a stamp or did you sandpaper something?