Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Crayons and Dogs

These are two of our "babies." The doberman is under my arm and belongs to Stephanie. Her name is Fallon. She sits very well for pictures. The lab in front is KC, our new puppy. You can just see the edge of our third baby's butt in the bottom left of the screen; Rascal does not like KC so he stays away from her as much as possible.

You can make some great backgrounds with crayons:

Cover your iron with foil and heat on low. Scribble two or three different colors of crayons onto the foil and then iron Whisper White cardstock. You'll have all sorts of backgrounds. Be careful not to use too many colors or scribble too much or you'll end up with a muddy card.


Tiya-B said...

Love the dogs, thanks for sharing, but too bad the crayon pictures didn't trun out too well. They just don't do this background justice.

Robin said...

Really loved this card. Love, love, love the Doodle This set.

It was GREAT seeing the pictures of your dogs, after hearing about them for the last year!